Hydraulic Steering Systems

Oğuz Marine
Hydraulic Helm Pumps

It is in 3 various volumes in order to be bound to Hydraulic Cylinder.Body is made of Aluminium,Pump shaft is Stainless Steel.It is produced in CE standarts.

Oğuz Marine
Hydraulic Cylinders

It is in 5 various torque for tubes between 5mt and 40mt Cylinder pipe is ST52 Steel,Cylinder shaft is made of Hard Chrome plating.It is produced in CE standarts.

Oğuz Marine
OMKV6 - Non-return Valves / 6 port

OMKV6 Non return valves are designed for dual control station systems.The Non return valve is also fitted between Hydraulic Cylinder and Helm Pump in order to keep the rudder stable and it seperates two station from each other while one of the is in use.

OMKV4 - Non-return Valves / 4 port

OMKV4 Non return valves are designed single control station systems.The Non-return valve is fitted between Hydraulic Cylinder and Helm Pump in order to keep the rudder stable

Oğuz Marine
Tiller Arms

It is produced by high resisted Sfero Casting for five various Cylinders.

Oğuz Marine
Chrome + Wooden Steering Wheels

High quality wooden and chrome steerings the cores of which is compatible with our hydraulic pumps.
Chrome steering Wheel : Dia. 40 and 50 cm.
Wooden steering wheel : Dia. 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm.

Oğuz Marine
Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Units let all of the hydraulic systems on the boat to be able to work effortlessly at the desired pressure, only with the help of a button push.

Oğuz Marine
Double Hydraulic Cylinder Systems


Oğuz Marine
Hydraulic Hose

Worldwide standard hydraulic hose which permit long term performance and duration in high pressure systems.

Oğuz Marine
Hydraulic Oil

Metal wear inhibitor hydraulic system oil, which is especially designed for systems that require long life lubricating film.


Technical Documents and Drawings


Oğuz Marine was established in 1963 by Mehmet Güner Oğuz under the title, “Krom İş”. The company continued to deal with chrome workmanship only until nickel coating was added to its range of service by the early 1970’s, the time of when the title was also named as “Oğuzlar”. The storyline changed with the introduction of transmission production by 1977 which immediately filled a huge percentage of the company’s production capacity, automatically bringing out a new title, “Oğuz Şanzıman”. By the year of 1989, with the leadership of Mustafa Oğuz, the new general manager, the company has ended the activities of transmission production and nickel coating. The lane change was towards the production of chrome yacht accessories this time, giving birth to a new title and brand, “Oğuz Marine”. Servicing as one of the top list companies of chrome accessory production in Turkey, Oğuz Marine has been mainly dealing with production and wholesale of hydraulic steering systems for the last 5 years. All of our Hydraulic Steering Systems are granted with CE (Confirmitee Europe) and Oğuz Marine proudly announces its production as the world standards level.


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